INCOME Hackathon, March 2019, Germany

Mathematical models of cellular pathways are essential tools in systems biology and systems medicine. They contribute to an understanding of the structure and dynamics of cellular processes far beyond their isolated parts, as well as the prevention, diagnosis, and therapy of diseases.

This year’s Hackathon, under the headline “Integrative pathway modeling in systems biology and systems medicine” will take place in Frankfurt am Main, Germany from March 18 – 20, 2019.

The hackathon will gather experts in pathway modeling to develop tools for model development, reuse, and merging. This hackathon will focus on:

Topic 1: Implementation of import functionalities in modeling tools.
Topic 2: Development of a format validation tool.
Topic 3: Extension of model and data repository.
Topic 4: Evaluation of supervised model merging.

Registration deadline: February 18, 2019

More information available here.