MSc Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Medicine & Medical Research, University College Dublin

The University College Dublin (UCD) School of Medicine is launching a new Master of Science in AI for Medicine & Medical Research. This is a brand-new MSc aiming to train AI scientists to work in medicine and/or medical research.

This master program combines teaching in data analytics, machine learning/AI, systems biology, precision medicine, health informatics and connected health. It is aimed at computer scientists, data scientists, mathematicians, and statisticians.

The program is divided into:

  1. Introductory modules (eight mandatory modules and seven optional modules) leading to a graduate diploma (60 ECTS)
  2. Three advanced modules leading to a Master of Science, Medicine degree (90 ECTS).

The introductory modules aim to familiarise students with the basic concepts of biology and medicine through examples and the analysis of relevant data sets. The advanced modules will focus on AI applications and include project work.

More information available on the UCD webpage or the brochure.