International Study Group for Systems Biology ISGSB, Oct. 2016, Germany

ISGSB (formerly BTK) had dealt with topics of Systems Biology even before that term was coined. Models can be presented and discussed in more detail than usual at other conferences. Besides invited and contributed talks, poster sessions will be of high importance. In addition, there will be special scientific and social activities by the Y(oung)SGSB (early career ISGSB).

We highly encourage renowned and junior researchers to contribute to the programme of the meeting and submit abstracts for oral or poster presentations on their current research work and results (length: max. 3,000 characters). Please click here to open the online abstract submission system. The programme committee and expert reviewers will evaluate the abstracts according to scientific content and suitability for the conference. A limited number of abstracts will be accepted for oral or poster presentation. Abstracts are welcome on topics of Systems Biology within the following main themes:

1. Infection modeling 5. Optimality principles
2. Regulatory interactions and signaling 6. Multiscale systems medicine
3. Plant physiology and development 7. Metabolic Pathway Analysis
4. Biological thermodynamics 8. Towards whole-cell models

English abstracts should be submitted online at May 31, 2016. We are looking forward to contributions of various institutions to all topics as well as new insights and exchange of ideas.

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