2016 Conference on Computational Modelling with COPASI, May 2016, UK

12-13 May, 2016, Manchester, UK

A conference featuring computational modelling research carried out using the software COPASI. A forum where you can present your work and hear the latest research in modelling and simulation carried out with the software COPASI. This is a multidisciplinary conference covering many topics, such as cellular signalling, metabolism, immunology, and chemistry. COPASI is a widely used computational tool for the dynamics of systems of bio/chemical reactions. The conference will focus simultaneously on the research questions and their solutions, as well as on technical aspects of using COPASI. The conference features 3 invited speakers, oral presentations selected from the submitted abstracts, and posters.

Invited Speakers

  • Ines Heiland, The Arctic University of Norway, Tromsø: “Tissue specific models of Trp- and NAD-metabolism — insights into metabolic crosstalk”
  • Carole Proctor, Newcastle University: “Computational modelling of musculoskeletal ageing”
  • Nicolas le Novère, Babraham Institute, Cambridge: “Calcium Signalling”

Abstract submission deadline: 12th April, 2016.

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