Research Associate in Computational Statistics for ‘Omics Data Analysis’, Manchester, UK

The University of Manchester is seeking for a Research Associate in Computational Statistics for ‘Omics Data Analysis’.

You will be responsible for developing statistical algorithms for ‘omic data analysis and implementing them as well-documented open source packages for general use internally and externally. You will focus primarily on the integrative statistical analysis of multiple ‘omics datasets, including e.g. genomics, transcriptomics, epigenomics and proteomics, with the aim of inferring the underlying networks of interaction and regulation. You will work with leading biomedical researchers at the University of Manchester to improve the interpretation of their ‘omic datasets. You would be expected to have a PhD with a significant mathematical/computational component, expertise in computational statistics and a strong interest in computational biology. This 48-month full-time post is supported by a newly awarded Wellcome Trust investigator award, and will build on the successful collaboration between Profs Ray, Loudon and Rattray.  The award will also fund three wet lab scientists who will provide datasets or analysis, and be responsible for in-vivo hypothesis testing.

Closing date : 18/03/2016

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