Research Associate in Computational Statistics for Genomic Data Analysis, Manchester, UK

The faculty of Life Sciences  at the University of Manchester is seeking for a Research Associate in Computational Statistics for Genomic Data Analysis.

You will lead the development of advanced computational tools for the analysis of large-scale data from transcriptomic (RNA-Seq) and cistromic (ChIP-Seq, ATAC-Seq) datasets. The project is a close collaboration between computational, developmental and cell biologists and you will help design experiments and apply novel and established tools to analyse the resulting experimental data. We expect that you will be committed to open source scientific software development and will follow good practice in software publishing. You will have a PhD with a significant mathematical/computational component, expertise in computational statistics, expertise in scientific programming and a strong interest in computational biology. You will be based in a thriving computational biology lab led by Magnus Rattray but also working closely with collaborating experimental biologists. This 36-month full-time post is supported by a BBSRC award to Nicoletta Bobola, Magnus Rattray and Kimberly Mace to improve our understanding of homeodomain transcription factors in vertebrates.

Closing date : 22/03/2016

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