Systems medicine is an interdisciplinary approach to improve the diagnosis, prognosis and therapy of diseases. It complements clinical research with the expertise from molecular and cell biology, computer science, mathematics and statistics. This strong multidisciplinary aspect is a strength of systems medicine approaches, but it also makes it more difficult to identify with the community and to find relevant information. The Systems Medicine Web Hub promotes systems approaches in medicine, supporting researchers, projects and initiatives with the communication of news items, information about events, projects, positions, resources and publications.

Benefits for Projects & Initiatives

  • Increased visibility, more effective dissemination of results
  • Less effort maintaining (dynamic elements of) project webpages

Benefits for Funding Bodies

  • Maximise impact of projects & initiatives
  • Increased complementarity, decreasing overlaps
  • Improved integration of efforts towards common goals

Benefits for Individual Researchers

  • More effective search for information, results and partners
  • Better coverage through RSS feeds, Twitter and social media
  • Increased opportunities for involvement

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Editorial Advisory Board

Helen Byrne, University of Oxford, UK
Walter Kolch, Systems Biology Ireland, Ireland
Mikael Benson, Linköping University, Sweden
Marc Kirschner, PtJ, Germany
Olaf Wolkenhauer, University of Rostock, Germany
Andreas Schuppert, Bayer Technology Services GmbH, Gemany
Julio Vera-González, University Hospital Erlangen, Germany
Charles Auffray, European Institute for Systems Biology & Medicine, France
Francis Lévi, Institut National de la Sante et de la Recherche Medicale, France
Silvio Parodi, University Hospital of Genoa, Italy
Avi Israeli, Ministry of Health, Israel