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Research Opportunity Focusing on Metabolic Modelling, Germany

The Department of Systems Biology and Bioinformatics at the University of Rostock, Germany, focuses on the development of systems and control methodologies, using mathematical modelling and statistical data analysis applied to complex dynamical systems. Currently they expect to have an opportunity arising, that could give a researcher, at doctoral or postdoctoral level the opportunity...

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Postdoc Position in Computational Biology / Biomedical Informatics, Germany

The Institute of Neuropathology located at the Faculty of Medicine in Giessen, Germany, invites applications for the position as a Postdoc in Computational Biology. The working group has a long-standing expertise in the molecular, cellular and functional characterization of the role of the microenvironment in disease, with a special emphasis on microenvironment- and hypoxia-induced mechanisms in tumor...

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Computational Scientist/Bioinformatician at Systems Biology Ireland

Systems Biology Ireland is looking to recruit a Computational Scientist/Bioinformatician to work in Prof Walter Kolch’s research group.  The level of appointment is on flexible from junior postdoc, senior postdoc to research fellow (group leader/Lecturer). The work is focused on the analysis of -omics data, mainly transcriptomics and proteomics data; the computational analysis of signal transduction...

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Workshop – Introduction to RNA-Seq data analysis with Galaxy

RNA-Sequencing (RNA-Seq) has become a widely used approach to study quantitative and qualitative aspects of transcriptome data. The variety of RNA-Seq protocols, experimental study designs and the obtained data processing strategies greatly affect downstream and comparative analyses. Unless the low entrance barriers and easy-to-use experimental protocols, the challenge of proper, transparent and reproducible data...

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