Research Fellow in Proteomics and Network Biology, Systems Biology Ireland

Systems Biology Ireland (SBI) is now recruiting for a Research Fellow who will use proteomics to analyze biological networks in cell culture systems, organoids and tissue samples. This is a Group Leader position with a focus to use MS-based proteomics to study biological networks in cell culture and clinical samples.

The appointee will have proven expertise in mass spectrometry-based proteomics and analysis of proteomics data, and a keen interest or preferably experience in using proteomics for biological pathway mapping. The SBI has a modern proteomics facility as part of a core technology platform featuring two Q-Exactive Orbitraps and two new mass spectrometers that are currently being procured.

S/he is also expected to apply for grant funding, participate in the supervision of interns, students, and postdocs and develop a program of research that uses proteomics to analyze biological networks.

Application deadline: September 10, 2019

A detailed job description and application instructions can be found at; job reference 011800