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The following interview is providing a summary of a scientific publication you were involved in. The goal is to present the work and results to an interdisciplinary audience. For example, a clinical study or a cell biological experiment should here be presented so that a computer scientist or mathematician can appreciate the work. The same applies to technical papers that, for example, focus on some algorithm, used to interpret biomedical or clinical data.

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What is the reference of the publication?

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What was your role in the work?

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What is the general problem being addressed by this particular work?
In two or three sentences, why do you feel passionate about this publication?

Background and Motivation

What is the challenge being addressed?
What is the main result?
What methodology and/or technology was used?
What was crucial for the success of this work?
What are the remaining limitations?
What are the consequenses of this work in a more general context?
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