Open bridges for life science data, Nov. 2015, UK

17-18 November 2015, Wellcome Trust Genome Campus, Hinxton, UK

Fragmented, inaccessible databases and tools pose a serious challenge to modern, data-driven science. Different research communities have their own ways of handling data, but acknowledge that a better flow of information between all domains could only enrich their work and better equip them to address the serious problems facing society today.

BioMedBridges is a common thread between all of the biomedical sciences infrastructures, and has been working to deliver a common approach to handling data in the life sciences. Building and opening up these technical bridges between different communities is essential to ensuring the most efficient and sustainable use of publicly funded data resources.

This international, open symposium, hosted by ELIXIR and held in the newly refurbished Wellcome Conference Centre near Cambridge in the UK, brings together researchers in imaging, bio-banking, bioinformatics, clinical trials, mouse models, chemical biology and translational research to discuss the major issues in data interoperability for the life sciences.

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