Round table on “Big Data and Healthy Living Technologies”

A round-table discussion on “Big Data and Healthy Living Technologies”, chaired by BioHealth Computing coordinator, Prof. Philippe Sabatier was held on Friday, August 28th, 2015 at the European Scientific Institute, Archamps-Technopole. Panel members each made a short presentation on the subject before engaging in a lively discussion, taking questions from both students and invited guests. The concluding remarks were provided by Patrick Lévy.


Dr. Hans Hoffmann, President of ESI: Technological advances through collective intelligence

Prof. Christophe Pison, Grenoble University Hospital Clinic of Pneumology: Paradigm shift in medicine – why we must change?

Dr. Frédérick Bordry, CERN Director for Accelerators & Technology: CERN Systems approach: a relevant model for medicine?

Dr. Charles Auffray, President of the European Institute for Systems Biology and Medicine: From Genomics to Systems Medicine – uniting worldwide efforts into a joint collaboration

Prof. Damjana Rozman, Education Director of Coordination Action for Systems Medicine (CASyM): Implementation of systems Medicine across Europe

Prof. Pierre Gillois, Education Coordinator, EIT-Health (France): EIT-Health’s mission in education and innovation

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