PhD Position available: PoLiMeR Programme for training and research in Systems Medicine

PoLiMeR is a Marie-Curie International Training Network focused on challenges in systems medicine for metabolic diseases. They identified inherited, liver-related diseases of glycogen and lipid metabolism as the ideal starting point for innovative research training in personalised ‘Systems Medicine’.

Currently they are recruiting PhD candidates for their programme ‘PoLiMeR’ (Polymers in the Liver: Metabolism and Regulation). The programme brings together clinical, academic, and industrial experts on inherited metabolic diseases, computational modelling of human metabolism, organ-on-chip technology, and detailed metabolic profiling.

The labs are located in the Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, Sweden, Norway, and the United Kingdom. The PhD students are offered not only a research project in one of the PoLiMeR groups, but also research exchanges between the PoLiMeR labs and an interdisciplinary course programme in Systems Medicine.

Application deadline: 1st October 2018

More information available here