PhD in Multi-scale Modelling of Neuronal Signalling Pathways in Edinburgh, Scotland

The Edinburgh Medical School is seeking for a PhD candidate in multi-scale modelling of neuronal signalling pathways in intellectual disability/autism spectrum disorders under the supervision of Dr. Melanie Stefan.

We are looking for a PhD student to work on this modelling project. Their task will include modelling of biochemical and electrical signalling in the brain, both under healthy conditions and in neurodevelopmental disease. The work will build on already existing models and simulation software. In addition, the PhD student will take charge of the data management side of the project. This includes creating and maintaining an infrastructure for sharing of data and models between all project members. It also involves the design and implementation of a model development and testing pipeline that incorporates existing data and models and allows automated validation and updating of predictions whenever new data is added or a model is updated. The project relies on active collaboration with other modellers and with experimentalists, both in Edinburgh and in Bangalore.

We are looking for someone with knowledge in biology and biochemistry, and some expertise in computing and, ideally, databases. In addition, you should be enthusiastic, well organised, and a good team player.

More information available here.