Marie Curie PhD Fellowship: Systems-, and Computational Biology in Breast Cancer Research, Amsterdam

The EpiPredict EU Innovative Training Network focuses on epigenetic regulation of endocrine therapy resistance in breast cancer, an urgent clinical problem.

EpiPredict includes 15 (academic and private) organizations from eight different countries, providing unique research training to 12 PhD students. The multidisciplinary fellows will master urgently needed new approaches to address complex diseases taking personalized patient aspects and systems medicine into consideration being equipped to succeed in their careers. Strong involvement of the private sector ensures exploitation of EpiPredict achievements and exposure to an entrepreneurial mind-set.

PhD project title: ‘Computational modelling to elucidate (epi)genetic mechanisms of treatment resistance’ Supervisors: Prof. Hans Westerhoff, Dr Pernette Verschure (Project Coordinator)

Requirements: Candidates should apply to the rules for EC\’s Marie S. Curie early-stage researchers (relevant master degree < 4 years before appointment and lived/worked < 12 months in the Netherlands during the 3 years immediately prior to appointment date).

See for ALL the other requirements and the application procedure!