JWS Online: Biological Systems Modelling

JWS Online is a Systems Biology tool for the construction, modification and simulation of kinetic models and for the storage of models.

With the new JWS Online model builder you can build a model from scratch using a simple interface. Models can be simulated directly in the JWS Online simulator. The builder adheres very closely to the SBML model specification and supports the Minimal Information Required In the Annotation of Models (MIRIAM) and Systems Biology Ontology (SBO) standards for annotation, and provides a useful online annotation tool.

Simulate curated kinetic models from the JWS Online database, or non-curated models built or uploaded to JWS Online. JWS Online supports time evolutions, steady-state simulations, structural analysis, metabolic-control analysis, parameter scans, and reaction plots.

JWS Online now uses a database implementation with a native format that mirrors the SBML specification. This minimises changes in SBML structure during the upload-edit-save cycle. JWS Online supports uploading and modification of existing models in SBML or JWS format.