Group Leader Positions in Quantitative Tissue Biology and Disease Modelling, Barcelona

The European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) is a high ranked scientific research organisations with its Headquarters Laboratory located in Heidelberg, Germany. Right now they are seeking for 2 outstanding candidates for junior group leader positions in Barcelona, Spain.

Applicants should present an inspiring plan for a systems biology approach to studying biology at the multicellular level, in any of the following areas: organoids, hiPSC disease modelling, tissue homeostasis, development, regeneration, cancer, immunology, vasculogenesis, tissue engineering, microfluidics technology, bio-printing, and organ-on-a-chip technology.

The successful candidate should have a strong motivation to work in the multidisciplinary and collaborative environment of EMBL, grasping the opportunity to interact with many other research groups.

More information available here.