Gaminfection Hackathon, September and October 2017, Germany

With the intention of spreading the awareness of pneumococci infections, the Gaminfection hackathon will take place on September 29 and October 01 in Erlangen, Germany.

The starting point is a multi-level mathematical model developed by the Laboratory of Systems Tumor Immunology (FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg) under two projects funded by the BMBF in collaboration with researchers from Marburg, Berlin and Leipzig (e:Bio-miRSys and e:Med-CAPSYS).

The objective is to increase the awareness of the risks associated to infectious lung diseases and to exploit the knowledge to elucidate key factors discriminating between a successful infection and a rapidly cleared one. This way, anybody who enjoys playing the game simultaneously contributes to the scientific progress in the field of pneumonia.

More information available here.