8th Santorini Conference Biologie Prospective, Oct. 2016, Greece

The 8th Biologie Prospective Santorini Conference will take place the first week of October 2016 (03th-05th October 2016).

It will be organized in close collaboration with ESPT. After the most successful 2014 conference ever with the highest number of participants we are planning again with the scientific committee a 3 days meeting. The first day will be dedicated to Systems Medicine and some specific sessions on cellular models including stem cells and metabolomics. The simultaneous coupling with imaging and other companion diagnostic biomarkers will be developed. A second day will be devoted to the phenotypes importance in the studies of physiological variations in chronic diseases and under the environment effects, particularly nutrition. The last day, sessions will be constructed around personal therapy with the use of the new genomic data in neurological disorders. The recent introduction of new drugs for lipid reduction will also be an interesting topic.

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