5th Munich Biomarker Conference, Dec. 2015, Germany

At the 5th Munich Biomarker Conference on December 1– 2, 2015, world leaders from international research institutions, healthcare professionals, stakeholders from biotech and pharmaceutical industry, scientists and leading clinical research organization come together and discuss the latest developments in personalized medicine and targeted therapies.

High profile speakers will present the latest findings in the specific areas of:

Stem Cell Technologies:

  • Novel tools for novel medicines
  • How Precise Genome Editing revolutionizes the drug discovery process
  • Accelerating the use of stem cells towards personalized medicine

Biomarkers for Diagnosis and Therapy Monitoring:

  • Novel promising biomarkers of early breast cancer
  • Updates in pharmacometabolomics and in vivo RNAi screens in oncology

Clinical Practice and Reimbursement:

  • Application of automated RNA in situ hybridization in routine clinical practice
  • How to get high quality biomarker results in clinical studies
  • Reimbursement for biomarker diagnosis – how to synchronize laboratory and pharmacotherapy

Biomarkers of Common Diseases:

  • Updates in genetic risk factors of common diseases
  • Novel metabolome analysis for early diagnosis of Alzheimer´s disease

Omics and Big Data:

  • Personalized medicine, data and value
  • Novel quantitative targeted RNA-Seq methodology for use in differential gene expression analysis

New Horizons in Personalized Medicine:

  • Novel thematic network: research on rare diseases and personalized medicine
  • Change and future of personalized medicine

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