Systems Biology of Microbial Infection – 4th International Symposium, September 2017, Germany

The focus of this symposium is on the interaction between the immune systems of humans or animals and bacterial or fungal pathogens. It will take place between September 21-22, 2017 in Jena, Germany.

The systems biology of microbial infection aims to understand the interaction between hosts and pathogens by the integrative combination of experiment and theory. The contributions should, for example, concentrate on:

  • unraveling pathogenicity mechanisms by a systems biology approach,
  • reconstructing cellular networks based on time series data,
  • analysing spatio-temporal aspects of infection processes,
  • identifying diagnostic biomarkers and potential drug targets,
  • exploring strategies for personalized therapy.

Deadline for abstract submission: 01 August 2017. The early bird registration is open.

More information available here.