SBGN Workshop/Hackathon 2016, Sept, UK

The SBGN workshop/Hackathon aims to introduce scientists to the systems biology graphical notation (SBGN) and will take place in Newcastle (UK) on September 24th 2016.

The Systems Biology Graphical Notation, SBGN, is a standard format to represent biological networks visually. SBGN diagrams contain agreed-upon glyphs. Once you know these glyphs, it is easy to read and exchange meaningful diagrams encoding biological information. The first part features introductory talks to the SBGN family of standards, and to software tools that offer SBGN support. The second part is dedicated to hands-on sessions that allow you to try out SBGN software. You will learn how to create SBGN-compliant diagrams. We will also have a competition for the best SBGN map!

Experimentalists and modellers with basic experience in modelling and simulation are welcome to register. No previous knowledge about the used standards and tools is required.

Workshop flyer available here

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