Multiomics to Mechanisms – Challenges in Data Integration, September 2019, Germany

The conference hosted by EMBL takes place from September 11 – 13 in Heidelberg, Germany. It aims to inspire novel ideas for data integration across the different omics fields and hence may sparkle exciting new future collaborations.

The conference will provide a platform for bringing together leading researchers from computational biology, various omics fields and technology development to present their latest work and discuss applications, future ideas and the challenges for integrating large-scale biological data across different biological technologies and disciplines.

A specific focus will be on discussing data integration of high-throughput technologies with molecular biology approaches.

Session Topics:

  • Novel high-throughput technologies
  • Statistical tools for data integration
  • Omics and structural biology
  • Multiomics – focus genomics
  • Multiomics – focus metabolomics
  • Multiomics – focus proteomics

Registration Deadline: July 31, 2019

More information available here.