de.NBI Summer School 2016 – From Big Data to Big Insights, Sep. 2016, Germany

The ‘German Network for Bioinformatics Infrastructure – de.NBI‘ is a national infrastructure supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research providing comprehensive, high-quality bioinformatics services to users in life sciences research and biomedicine. The partners organize training events, courses and summer schools on tools, standards and compute services provided by de.NBI to assist researchers to more effectively exploit their data.

The summer school has the aim to give PhD students and postdocs from computer science / bioinformatics / life sciences as well as developers of bioinformatics algorithms and analysis software deeper insights in the details of existing algorithms or software systems in the proteomics and metabolomics.

Participants will use – instructed by keynote and de.NBI speakers – existing tools to analyse and visualize real-world datasets (data prepared for the tutorials specifically as well as the participants‘ own data). Beyond that, they will be put into a position to be able to combine their own existing and future algorithms or tools with other soluti-ons as well as to integrate them into a sustainable software system. To this end the summer school will also contain hackathons to quickly prototype novel tools.

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